Internet Addiction

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A man using a notebook computer. A decorative arts for internet addiction.Type of Internet Addiction

According to one of the researches from Center for Online Addiction, there are many types of addiction and it can be categorize into five main categories as below:

  1. Addiction to get information
    It refers to individuals who use the internet to find certain information at excessive rate.
  2. Addiction to use computer
    It refers to individuals who use computer excessively especially for those who involve in programming and computer games.
  3. Addiction to certain parts of the internet
    It refers to individuals who like to visit certain parts of the internet. For example: gambling site, online games site and sales site.
  4. Addiction to cyber relationship
    It refers to individual who likes to make relationship online through chat room like internet messenger, social site, forum and private discussion groups.
  5. Addiction to cyber sex
    It refers to individuals who like to explore pornographic site and adult site that discuss sexual matters publicly.

Be aware of the internet addiction signs. Consult your doctor if you are feels like having internet addiction.

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