Signs of Drug Addiction

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If you see these sudden changes to your family member or your beloved friend, they usually are related to drug abuse. Contact your doctor or drug recovery officer to seek for certainty. Do not make your own diagnosis!

Symptoms or Signs of Drug Addiction

Give attention to these changes. Some of these symptoms can stand alone and some on the other hand combined with other symptoms.

  • Changes and/or decline of attendance or performance and quality of work, yield and discipline in school or workplace.
  • Anger or rage with indefinite reason.
  • Weight loss, constantly yawn and weak.
  • Loss of appetite or appetite increase.
  • Glassy, sunken, watery and dull eyes.
  • No eye contact while speaking or talking.
  • Decline of facial appearance and personal hygiene, being not cheerful, face become pale.
  • Scars of injection on arm.
  • Poor or unmanaged personal care such as becoming lazy to bathe or to brush teeth.
  • Yellowish or reddish nails and fingertips color.
  • Always scratching especially on the nose area and weird behaviors.
  • Likes to self isolate in bathroom, store, empty house, getting into bushes and places where there are no people.
  • Does not want to eat together with family and like to eat alone at midnight.
  • Loss of interest toward sports, music and so on.
  • Likes to hide personal belongings, dislike to be asked by others, become quiet and become secretive.
  • Suddenly become hardworking, aggressive, snickering or overjoyed.
  • Becomes gregarious with unauthorized people, often asking for or borrowing money without repaying.
  • Stealing at school, house, workplace, neighbours’, friends’ and/or relatives’ house.
  • Lying, cheating and pretending to be or acting nice.
  • Becoming an irresponsible person and always blames others. Loss of focus towards works or assignments and cannot finish any given work or task  (half done job or never completed the work).
  • Going out from house at particular time, it could be to see the seller.
  • Asking too much money from parent.
  • Shutting off from friends and pastime.
  • Hanging out with those who are known addict.

Give attention to those signs, especially if they persist or if they occur in a cluster.

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