Social Activities Can Protect Against Dementia

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A research done in Sweden has shown that active social activities can protect a person from dementia.

This is because social activities are claimed can reduce stress experienced, and then reduces up to half of the risk of dementia for men or women.

Talking with friends.The social activity meant is to spend time chatting or having fun with family and friends. It does not include crime activities or taking alcohols or drugs.

Dementia characteristics are including memory loss, personality change and confusion (feeling confused). Stress is found can bring to anxiety and depression, and also probably dementia.

More than 24 millions of world population experience dementia symptoms, including Alzheimer’s disease, and this number are expected to increase by four folds towards 2040.

Earlier researches relate prolonged stress can affect certain parts of the brain, such as hippocampus, which can bring to dementia.

The researchers from Karolinska Institutet also found that cheerful and casual (relaxed) character is more effective in reducing the risk of dementia when combined with suitable social activities.

This discovery shows the effect of life stress can be reduced by spending time with family and friends.

By taking some time to rest the body and mind from time to time may maintain sanity and health of your body.

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