Exercise Can Beat Back Pain

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Artwork of a woman doing stretching exercise.More than 50% of the world adults will experience back pain as they age. And most of this problem will not be from injury, but will root from out-of-shape muscles that cause poor posture and alignment and lack of spinal support.

Back problems are primarily muscle problems, according to muscular-skeletal medicine specialists. Most patients are hard to convince of that. People who exercise on a regular basis and have core stability have better backs. This can be seen from a professional athlete with common back or neck strain is quite rare. Athletes may take hits that cause a back injury but aside from that, their backs are in good shape because they are in good shape.

Specialist recommends daily walking, core strengthening and stretching, combined with a pinch of common sense for the back pain treatment and prevention of most back problems. Pilates-type exercises that build strong abdominal and oblique (core) muscles are particularly good for back health, although it is not for everyone.

The usual route in back pain treatment is to see a family doctor and then a physiotherapist who will assess any mechanical issues and recommend exercise to suit.

Often pain will get a bit worse with exercise before it gets better. For most people, the pain will go away and they will feel better if they continue on their given exercise routine. This is where common sense comes to play. If pain on exercise is too great, a reassessment and a visit to a back specialist may be required.

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