Treatments and Recovery of Back Pain

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Normal back pain can be defused through:

  • Getting enough rest
  • Stretching at the back area
  • Physiotherapy
  • Using cream medication
  • Using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

Treat the real cause of back pain such as (Pelvic inflammatory disease) PID and urinary tract infections (UTI).


  • Practice the right posture (body position) when sitting, standing and lifting heavy weight.
  • Take rest to stretch the back.
  • Avoid injury at the back area of the body.
  • Do periodic health check, such as Pap’s Smear to detect cervical cancer.
  • Maintain the ideal body weight (the weight to height ratio).
  • If you already menopause, get enough calcium and other nutritions to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Recovery involves medicine intake such as NSAIDs, physiotherapy (movement recovery) and occupational therapy.

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