Facts and Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

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These are facts about breast cancer and risk factors for breast cancer. At the last section is the things that you can do and discuss with your doctor.

Breast Cancer Facts:

  • 9 out of 10 women with breast disorders have benign conditions.
  • Breast cancer is the No. 1 cancer in Malaysian women.
  • Breast cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer in Malaysian women.
  • 60% of the breast cancers are in premenopausal Malaysian women as opposed to Western figures, where up to 80% occur after 50 years of age.
  • Male breast cancer is very uncommon but the incidence seems to be increasing.

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer:

  • Being female, aging, being taller.
  • Related to estrogen:
    • Never had children
    • Early first period
  • Late menopause.
  • Relatives with breast cancer.
  • Personal history of breast cancer.
  • Inherited altered genes.
  • High fat diet, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol.

What You Can Do & Discuss With Your Doctor?

(This applies to women only)

  1. Monthly self test breast examinations (SBE), beginning at age 18.
  2. Annual clinical breast examinations from your doctor after age 40 (every three years for women age 20 – 39)
  3. At least 2 yearly mammograms in ladies between 50 and 69 years, however, women in the 40-49 year age group should have access to mammography as well.
  4. Ask your doctor how to determine your personal risk for breast cancer.
  5. If you suspect any abnormalities, see your doctor immediately.

Lastly, be responsible for your own health and life.

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