Artificial Eyeball-Implanted Camera, The Hope for Artificial Eye.

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Researcher from University of Illinois and University of Northwestern, United States reported has created a type of new camera in curve form like the human ball eye.

The device that produced in the form and size of the human eye is expected to bring a new generation of video and digital camera which are free from curving image problem.

This latest design may also pave the way to technological development of electronic retinal imitation that can be used to restore patient eyesight who suffers retinal damage of the eye.

Report published by British journal, Nature that also quoted a group of the researchers claim concerning that the approach they use enables electronic component assembly in certain ‘place’ where it cannot be done before this.

They also quoted saying curved detector (in the camera) is more suitable to be used in retinal implant, and for the first time oust the equipment design from the ‘flat world’ (two-dimension).

Animals and human eye exist innately in the curved form but most artificial visual sighting system so far limited to the flat surface image recorder form.

The latest creation also received praises from researcher from University of Tokyo, Japan, quoted saying that the ‘eye camera’ can develop a new class of imaging instrument with wide angular view, less image bending and having compact size.

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