Brave Parents Choosing To Embrace Life, To Live With Trisomy 13

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Trisomy 13 or Patau’s Syndrom is a rare disease occurring 1 from 15,000 births. It is a disease which occurred when the patient has an additional chromosome 13 due to a non-disjunction of chromosomes during meiosis. Most embryos with trisomy 13 do not survive gestation and are spontaneously aborted. Those who survive will have abnormalities and low life span.

However, there are cases, where parents who are brave, choosing to fight for their children’s life. I’ve visited the site by one of my visitors, who gives supports, prayers and most importantly HOPE for those parents who were diagnose with the syndrome. Here they share the love, the joy, the pain and grieve of their moments and babies. I hope readers can visit the website and give them some support too:
Living with Trisomy 13 – Photos and Videos of Children living with Trisomy 13

Every moment is precious. Embrace life.

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