Gene Causes 'Itchy' Human?

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Nature in several earlier edition expose, gene has become the cause of somebody scratching their body which feel itchy especially when other people make him/her angry.

The test mice which have been used in that experiment, which have no involved gene, found to not scratch their body in the same situation.

“It is an interesting discovery because itchiness is a common phenomenon. And clinically, it is also a big problem. But, nobody knows, which gene did involved for that sensation.

Outcome of the study this suggests that there are two separate routes that produce itchiness. So long as, we are told that itchiness is a part from light ailment,” said Associate. Prof. Zhou-Feng Chen, an anaesthetist from Washington University School of Medicine Pain Center.

Both mice in the study react the same way for heat, pressure and pain. However, mice which do not have GRPR gene protein obviously become less scratching after receiving chemical-induced irritation injection.

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