Overhydration in Seniors and Infants

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A glass of water. Too much can water can cause overhydration.Water is the most essential nutrient for humans: it accounts for about twothirds of our body weight and is vital for normal cellular functioning. But, for some, drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day may not be a healthy practice. In a recent study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, those 70 or older who drank less than eight glasses (64 oz.) of water per day showed no signs of dehydration.

However, some who drank more than 64 oz. showed signs of overhydration. Researchers said this was due to a reduced ability to process water.The authors of the study recommend that people in this age category should increase their water intake only when they are feeling hot or feverish. Infants are also susceptible to overhydration during the first month of life. Breast milk or formula provides all the fluids a healthy baby needs.

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