SMART – The New Asthma Management System

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Cough. Wheezing. Chest feels tight. Breathing difficulty. These are some of the symptoms often explained by Mrs. Jeanne (not her real name) and many other asthma sufferers – sometimes everyday results of poor asthma control.

For Mrs. Jeanne and millions others who already have asthma, these symptoms has become usual and tend to rise only uncontrolled properly.

Asthma is a state where there is chronic inflammation to respiratory tract. When exposed to some allergy causes, respiratory tract swells and narrows, causing asthma phenomenon.

Those who suffer asthma experience suffering at an average rate of three to five days of each acute attack where their asthma are uncontrolled. The fact is, about 20 episodes of asthmatic attacks undergone by every adult each year.

This may seem little, yet these attacks very debilitating for an asthma patient that have to be detained in the hospital and cause their daily activity disturbed.

Why These Attacks Happen?

Respiratory tract inflammation and narrowness cause cough, wheezing, chest feel tight and breathing difficulty. Inflammation of respiratory tract is the cause of this problem. Unfortunately, majority of asthma sufferers neglect inflammation treatment although commanded by their doctor.

Asthma sufferers by majority experience certain symptoms before attack took place. Yet the problem is, they over depended to the blue colored reliever spray, and neglected deterrent inhaler. Asthma sufferer needs to understand that both preventive medicine and reliever are required to control asthma correctly.

Both have its own role and could not be spare, and this is wherefore why many entirely dependent to the blue reliever inhaler did not see any change to their condition.

Preventive medicine treats cause of inflammation, and should be used daily for prevention purposes. Blue coloured reliever sprayer used only when must – usually when respiratory tract become narrow for a quick relief.

It is important to remember that blue sprayer did not treat inflammation, and extreme dependency will not help asthma control.

Right asthma management need plenty sufferer to use both drug because inflammation treatment is a must step in controlling asthma so that attack is preventable.

Many patients failed to understand the importance of using both drug as part of their asthma management. Many patients cannot tell the different colored drug functions, and the drugs use of many by numbers is confusing them.

Therapy and Reliever with An Inhaler

If the cause of the problem is on respiratory tract inflammation, then its solution is preventing or controlling this inflammation.

Key to the right asthma management and attack prevention is to give initial and enough treatment to the airway inflammation causes. Asthma patients must get advice from physician to know the best means to treat their asthma.

Outlook from International Asthma Patient Insight Research (INSPIRE) discovered plenty of patients wanted immediate relief and therapy for their asthma; and majority opted to depend to one sprayer and reduce other drugs.

Physician today follows the guide by Global initiative for Asthma (GINA) and will treats the asthma patients base on control instead of asthma level. New approach to asthma management is known as Single inhaler Maintenance and Reliever Therapy – or SMART. SMART is a deterrent and reliever therapy with one inhaler.

With SMART, asthma patient only need one inhaler because it gives both deterrent and reliever daily dosage if needed. This new inhaler easily recognizable by its colour – red turbuhaler inhaler – distinguishing it with other drugs which are now used. Dependency to one inhaler only means many asthma patients are no longer confused like before.

Detailed clinical research was done to this new approach. Patients globally have taken part in the SMART clinical development program.

The result shows that SMART gives better comprehensive asthma control and reduce the risk of serious asthma attacks.

Not Of Medical Only

With the SMART approach, asthma patient can expect immediate relief, better asthma control and life quality enhancement in long time periods. However, several small changes are able to change various circumstances.

Asthma patients can practice several easy steps to help in their asthma’s control:

  • Obtain doctor advice first – after getting the right diagnosis, the best asthma management therapy to the patient is then proposed.
  • Be aware of your asthma phenomenon – know your asthma phenomenon better and notice your body reaction. Act immediately to control your asthma.
  • Know your medications – obey doctor advice about asthma medications, and when you must take them. You could facilitate your asthma management by using red SMART’s turbuhaler instead of using various inhalers.
  • Stay away outburst factors of asthma – asthma was disease that changing; many factors could trigger attack, therefore beware of the cause of your attack. Is it cigarette smoke, dust, pollution or some type of foods?

The message is, don’t let asthma control you. Instead, you can control your asthma!

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