Early Cancer Detection Using Proteomics Method

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Nowadays we should be very aware of diseases that can hit us. It does not matter if you are a woman or a man. For example, women group now is more vulnerable to various cancer diseases especially the one that need early detection.

For that it helps when using proteomics method, a method which protein in cell or organism is studied to achieve protein expression profile.

Patient’s blood is analyzed using two-dimensional gel method where the blood protein is separated by their isoelectric level and respective molecular weight. The protein spots then will be detected at the gel using staining technique.

Protein Spots

After that, the detected protein spots will be compared with the protein spots which found in normal patient. The difference between the both is compared using protein expression.

All samples used are taken from patients who already have cancer at the first and second stage to seek out the early marker which can detect the disease.

Protein Expression

For the second part of the study, a substance called lectin is used to see the protein expression difference in the segregated patient’s blood using two-dimensional technique (2D).

To get the result, the 2D-gel then transferred onto nitrous cellulose layer and incubated with the lectin solution. The use of lectin gives the difference between the glycoprotein level of cancer patient and of normal individual.

From the study using lectin, a type of protein is found present in blood of endometrial cancer patient but not in cervical cancer patient’s blood. The result found potentially can be use as a marker for endometrial cancer.

However the study on the protein must continue to study if the protein also present in other types of cancer. Hence a whole profile of cancer types must be done to identify the glycoprotein in the patient’s blood. This early cancer marker can give chance for early cancer treatment.

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