Congenital Cataract, Wrong Society’s Presumption and Parents Role

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Wrong Society’s Presumption

Our society usually has the wrong presumption on congenital cataract disease. Some are:

  • Cataract surgery caused blindness
  • Wait till the children grow up before giving any treatment or surgery
  • No special treatment to treat this ailment

Presumption that cataract surgery causes blindness is absolutely wrong. Cataract surgery can restore patient eyesight to the better level and it needs to be done as early as after diagnosis is made.

If the surgery were made after the patient show signs of amblyopia, the visual capacity of the patient is not at the maximum level.

Patient may undergo further treatment to overcome amblyopia problem. The attitude of waiting until the child grow up first should be avoided before the patient advance to the amblyopic level and the limited capacity to see will stay along the growing up to adult. The situation will become more critical if the patient do not undergo any treatment for amblyopia problem.

Parents Role

Parents and guardian played a very important role in early diagnosis and accurate treatment for this disease.

Bring the child to see eye specialist doctor in case of experiencing the symptoms mentioned. Congenital cataract disease can be treated and should not be allowed till the patient become blind.

Early treatment is very important to enable the patient to have the good ability to see along with their growth and when adult. Culture of ‘wait first’ and ‘it’s nothing/okay’ should be scrape from our society. Our children deserve to grow with full joy and happiness.

Therefore, do not us as parents let them grow in a world full of darkness.


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