Disordered Family Makes Mentally Sick Children

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How to recognize an individual with good mental health?

It is hard to give a straight answer because mental health is something that cannot be seen from the outside. However there are signs on a person that enable you to evaluate his or her mental health.

Among the signs are the ability of the person to cooperate with others, ability to be in a healthy relationship with others and the ability to overcome life challenges and obstacles.

A sad child.
Don't let children suffer the outcome of family conflict.

Family is a very important social institution because it is a basic unit in forming personality including mental peacefulness of a person.

Many researches have shown that teenagers who experience soul and spiritual emptiness are because they did not get good nurture from their parents.

Most of them come from disordered families; such as continuous conflict in family or ineffective family has forced the family members to adapt themselves with the condition and assume it as a normal thing.

Also family member who were addicted drug or alcohol, having family member with mental illness who did not get treatment and parents who inherit the same problem from their problematic own parents.

A family has the function and responsible among it are to fulfill the economic needs, raising the family status, giving education, teaching religious education to its member, doing recreation together, giving protection and most importantly is to give love.

Children who grew up in problematic family will cause unhealthy growth effects.

The children will have apparent negative characteristics such as extreme anger, unnecessary fear, prolonged sad feeling and thought of suicide, cannot build good and close relationship with others, rebellious attitude and becoming a bully or being bullied by others.

When they become an adult, they will be seen as having low level of discipline and self-confidence, involve in crime, fail to handle stress well and unable to plan effective strategies to handle life challenges.

Signs and Symptoms of Disordered Family

Among the characteristics of disordered family is problem that being faced by a family member is not being share with other family members where only one member of the family takes the heavy pressure. The family members take negative solutions like drug abuse, drinking, divorcing, running away from home, domestic violence, having conflict of emotion, depression and so on.  These then will open room for mental illnesses, mental disorders, crime or self inflicting behaviors.

In the disordered family there is no believe on each others, lack of love and no understanding among the members, the needs of its member were neglected, mental and physical violence, no value or crisis of value. The parent that is not divorced but in continuous conflict, or in other word suffering in silence can contribute to family disorder.

Members also were insensitive with some of the family members, favoritism, denying existing problem, fail to respect others’ dignity, right or physical and act extremely in facing conflict and like to quarrel.

Symptoms of family disorder also can be seen from characteristic of extreme jealousy, over controlling, separated parent, not giving time for family, incest happen in family, the children were afraid of talking on what is happening in their family and members of the family do not want to admit themselves as the member of the family or do not want to be seen together.

Prevention and Recovery

Several prevention and recovery steps can be done to beat this problem. Long term therapy recovery can be done to victim of rape, incest and so on. Also by intervention; which is where the family is helped professionally by detecting early signs of disorder among the family members, stopping the violence cycle by professionals and others.

Religious approach also can be use to correct this problem. By forgiving each others, helping family members who face divorce by counseling and helping members of the family to face reality of life it is hoped that the problematic family will flourish again.

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