Don’t Shake Your Baby

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Shaking your baby causes Shaken Baby Syndrome

Each year in the world many babies have died from Shaken Baby Syndrome, due to brain damage which is caused from being shaken aggressively. This is normally out of frustration when a baby does not stop crying.

The head of a baby is large and his neck is very weak, thus if he is shaken, his head flips back and the brain is bashed against the inside of the skull which then causes bleeding. Babies frequently get shaken out of disappointment when they do not stop crying. You can be sleep deprived, and it all falls out of perspective for you. You feel responsible and you expect to be able to solve baby’s problems. Sometimes a baby needs to cry.

A crying baby.If your baby is crying, you should check to see if he is hungry, sick or needs a diaper change. If it is not, and if you as the caregiver are coming nuts from it, the key message is to ‘take a break’. Put the baby in a crib where he is in safe hands and take a moment to regroup.

Around the sixth weeks, babies just cry a whole lot more. This is an intense period. You should check the obvious things, then put the baby down and step out of the room. The key to avoiding frustration is to ensure a support system in managing tough times. Build a network of other moms and attend events with other parents. Here you can share your experiences and learn from other experienced moms and dads.

Research has revealed that those who most frequently shake babies aggressively are young males, such as a young father or the mom’s boyfriend, second the caregivers, and then mothers. If you have lost control, and then shaken a baby, he needs to be checked at a hospital.

Just don’t shake your babies.

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