Enhance Your Baby Learning and Brain Connection by Stimulating Her

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Mother kissing her baby.Mothers influence their babies from the time they are in the womb. Early stimulation helps to set the right foundation for your baby Learning and advancement. In early pregnancy, you sought the best for your baby by consuming a balanced diet and getting the right nutrients for your growing baby. Babies in the womb are already able to learn the the ‘melody’ of their mothers voices. They can also respond to outside stimuli such as music and touch.

Studies by leading researchers such as Thomas R. Verny and Rene Van de Carr have revealed that well stimulated babies sleep better, are more alert, confident, and happier than babies who were not stimulated.

When a baby is born, stimulation is provided mainly through the parents involvement and the surrounding environment. Both parents can stimulate their babies in various ways in order to affect the formation of the brain’s connections and set the right foundation to enhance future learning.

In the first 2 years of life, babies learn through their physical senses and their movement experiences. When their brain grows in size and weight, their ability to learn and make sense of the world increases.

As a mother, you can enrich your baby learning experiences by providing appropriate toys and props to stimulate her visual (sight), auditory (hearing), motor (physical), tactile (touch) and communication (language) capabilities.

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