Fruit is Delicious! Yummy Fruit!

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Text: 'Yummy Fruits!' and Tomatoes

So hard to get the child to eat fruits! Have you ever feel such experience? It is certainly something not uncommon for most parents.

It is very important for children to practice good eating habits since early age. As parent who might have faced this experience, it is very important for us to ensure that the fruits and vegetables served not only nutritious and good but also delicious and look interesting.

Without aware, most parents usually offer awful reward for kids such as giving sweets and fizzy drinks if they behave. While eating fruits and vegetables look like a coercion or abuse.

Latest research said that five to seven serving or fruits and vegetables everyday help to strengthen body in fighting disease. Fruits contain high content of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

As parents, we need to change the mindset by introducing more fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. At the same time, we need to think what are the best and effective ways to introduce these two types of nutritious food to them so that they will love it.

Fruit and vegetables juice, jelly and smoothies are among servings that so attractive for kids to enjoy it. Aside from that, mother also can create attractive meal by decorating fruits and vegetables as the kids’ favorite cartoon characters.

Fruits and vegetables are potential weapons to fight diseases and aging. From small illnesses such as cold to deadly diseases like cancer, these two meals are able to fight them from the cellular level.

Aging and disease starts from small damage of cells which eventually accumulate with the increase of age and in the end become a chronic disease. Because of that we need to protect ourselves and kids from the basic.

Research by research done by scientists has proven the power of the natural ingredients in these two meals.

Let also small quantity is added in your daily diet, it is admitted able to give goodness in maintaining health.

Diet experts recommend five to nine meals of fruits and vegetables daily. These meals must include various colors and textures to produce maximum benefits.

The goodness of fruits:

  1. Contain a lot of water like the human body and thus able to fight dehydration.
  2. 100 percents free of cholesterol
  3. Boost memory and improve brain functions.
  4. Contain vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and high fiber.
  5. The most natural supplement to maintain health.
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