Is Shyness Crippling Your Kid? Try These Tips

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Does your kid feel like a social misfit? These straightforward tips can help out.

Photo showing a shy kid covering his face.Everyone feels it, but chronic shyness can be devastating for a kid. Not only do they give up healthy human communication – like meeting new people or making friends – but studies show shy kid also score lower marks at school and fail to benefit from extracurricular activities.

Parents need to help a shy kid to become more confident so he can speak up for himself without overly nervous. These are six simple rules suggested for parents to follow to help their kids turn away from their shyness:

1. Expose your kid slowly to a limited number of friendly people whom you have briefed earlier on what you want them to do to help your kid open up.

2. Do not label your kid as ‘shy’ by continually referring to her shyness or nagging her about not being friendly.

3. Allow your kid to set his own boundaries for social interaction. If he does not like to be cuddled, avoid it. If he dislikes answering questions, do not ask him again and again with: “Whom did you play with?” or “How was school?” and so on.

4. Respect your kid’s need for time to think about and answer questions.

5. Let your kid talk and play with others in his own personal ‘area’ (his home or even his room) rather than dragging him off to new places to meet strangers.

6. Do not assume that because you are popular or outspoken, your kid should also learn to be. You might even learn a few things from her silence. Photo credit: Pistachio !!

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