Long Term Eczema Inflammation Prevention

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Dermatologists suggest individuals who are easy to get eczema, to protect their skin from being exposed to factors that cause the disease by using suitable moisturizer.

Eczema is a genetic related disease where the individual immune system acting extremely to allergen (allergy source material) and cause skin to experience inflammation, irritation and swelling. In moderate condition, eczema causes skin to dry, feel stinging pain and itchy. To more severe case, skin could crack, chafe and bleed.

Senior dermatology consultant, Dr Steven Chow, said in some developed countries like United Kingdom and United States, study conducted on the impact of eczema shows an increase of eczema case gave significant impact to the cost of health.

“Unless those who have the risk like children, having long-term management plan, the required treatment will continue to increase because of inflammation repetition possibility, even after adult. Therefore, parents should realize the importance of using moderate detergent combined with moisturizer for their children who have sensitive skin. This useful, simple and cost-effective treatment will help to reduce the inflammation repetition,” he said.

Atopic eczema is forecasted to effect up to 14 per cent of children who have shown risks in connection with atopy such as hay fever and asthma. Several core factors that contribute to the increase number of case are the temperature increase and humidity caused by variation weather.

Other factors include environmental pollution, various chemical additive substances, rough detergents, metal and cosmetic that can give allergic reaction to individuals who are easy to be infected by eczema.

Dr Chow said, independent survey carried out in United States shows that 23 percent of individuals who already have atopic dermatitis are not using moisturizer and 29 percent not using suitable detergent.

“By identifying and avoiding the use of unsuitable skin care product, family and individual members can gain eczema control in long term, which can also reduce their expenditure in healthcare,” he said.

Meanwhile, dermatology consultant, Dr Mardziah Alias, said soap and rough detergents usage is ordinary eczema cause because it contains chemicals which can make skin lose it humidity.

“Unsuitable cleaning products will wash away the natural protective layer on the sensitive skin. It causes a cycle which produce inflammation reaction,” she said.

She added, moisturizer usage is an element that have been disregarded in skin care and it is very important for parents who have eczema history in the family to be mindful about this for their children.

“This group of individuals must choose moisturizer that does not contain perfume or preservative to avoid any skin irritation. The best is cream that have dual function; to moisturize and at the same time as anti-inflammation agent to relieve skin,” she said.

Therefore, she said, by following doctor advices, using suitable products and practicing the right regime skin care, individuals may be able to control eczema in long term periods.

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