Parenting, After The Divorce

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Photo of kids tricycle and title saying 'Parenting, After The Divorce'Even though family lawyers report a general tendency toward equal custody involving the father and the mother following a divorce, it is still not unusual for fathers to get to see their kids only every other weekend after a divorce. So what should fathers do?

They have to continue to be dad. The father needs to put the needs of the kids first, just like the mother. Studies have revealed that kids whose needs have been the main concern for both parents normally become healthier, happier and more productive adults than kids from broken families whose parents did not put their needs prior to their own.

The importance should be on co-parenting. One of the most awful things a father (or mother) can make, especially the one that only meets his (or her) kids every other weekend, is to ruin the child. It biases the child to think it is better and happier on the other side. It is not helpful.

Just spend time with the child, it is the best thing to do. It normalizes the two sides of the family. Kids also must know that the divorce is not their fault, and this is something that both parents need to emphasize. And as difficult as it may sound, it is extremely important to not saying anything that can damage the reputation of the other parent to the kids. The more split parents can set aside their differences to raise and educate their kids together, the better it will be for the kids.

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