Save Our Children from Depression – Part 1

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“Please help me teacher. I am feeling like going to die. Lately I cannot learn, could not sleep. Life is meaningless!” That is how the sigh and complaint from a pupil or student to her teacher.

To those whose professions are teacher, counselor, lecturer, psychologist or social worker, they are sure to have ever received the same complain. In most of the cases, the students are actually facing a depression problem (sadness). The condition is quite usual especially once when students face examinations. Let alone with the high hope from their parents.

Since on the primary school, the pupils have been seeded with the teaching that excellent examination result will ensure glorious future. They learn earnestly hopeful to get the highest numbers of As. Yet the fact is, our education system which has over emphasized examination result had raised an emotion disorder among the student.

A sad child.

Photo by creatingkoan

Many of them were suspected to have suffered from depression results of the pressures by parents and school teachers. For example, reportedly in the year 2005 by Malaysian Psychiatric Association, almost 2,500 peoples have committed suicide each year and most of them suffered mental illnesses.

Beside that, the Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Health, Datuk Lee Kah Choon also said that there were seven Malaysians who suffered mental illness daily.

When a person suffers depression, were there significant signs to that? According to Coyne, there are 2,000 emotion disorders which are psychological disorders that produce emotional disturbance.

This emotional disturbance is continuous until its affect the individual’s cognitive and behavior and having difficulties in handling his/her interpersonal skills. Overall, emotional disorders are divided into two categories, i.e. depressive disorder and bipolar disorder.

There’s a case in secondary school which the conditions are as follow:
Susan feels depressed for months continuously. There is nothing that can please her soul.

She complains: “I cannot do anything. My brain is empty; I feel very tired and weak. The final exam is already nearing; I tried to read, but my focus only perch on that same page. I cannot remember anything and feel very disappointed.”

Continued in part 2…click to continue reading.

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