Save Our Children from Depression – Part 2

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Continued section from part one of Save Our Children from Depression.

After undergoing several counseling sessions with her school counselor, suddenly Susan had disappeared from school. A heartbreaking thing has happened. This student has been hospitalized in psychiatrist center in a critical condition. She cried, screams and threw things within her reach during treatment.

After thorough diagnosis from psychologist, Susan was confirmed to suffer chronic depressive illness: major depression disorder.

Based on study, an individual is confirmed to suffer major depression if he/she faced signs like feeling depressed, tired and disappointed, for at least two weeks continuously.

Apart from that, his/her daily activities also affected. Depressive illness is a usual disease in developing and developed countries such as US. Almost 9.9 million peoples of the US age within 18 to 54 year suffer depression disease (NIMH, 2001).

Lately, Malaysia also shows a phenomenon which incidence of depression disease will rise especially among students whether in primary schools, secondary or higher learning centers.

The condition should be given serious attention so it will not spread and become a threatening disease. There are nine significant signs showing somebody to have suffered depression disease. If the individual shows five from below signs continuously two weeks, then he/she is considered to suffer major depressive disorder:

  • Feeling depressed almost daily.
  • Decline of interest or joy feeling for activities.
  • Significant body weight decrease and no appetite.
  • Problem to sleep or could not sleep at all.
  • Body movement or psychomotor disruption.
  • Feeling tired and fatigue.
  • Feeling worthless and guilty on his/her behavior.
  • Facing problems to think, focus or decide.
  • Always thinking about death and want to commit suicide.

These signs should be made as a guidance to parents to know either their children suffer depression illness or not. In Malaysia, many parents are too pushy and place high but unrealistic expectation on their children, especially among the Chinese community.

Since from the primary school, pupils were already taught to try intensely to achieve outstanding success in the exams. By the student’s understanding, getting a lot of As is the only one way to make their parents feel proud.

These dwarf children are racing to acquire as many As that they can to make their parents feel glad. These children are always busy with tuitions, piles of home works and seldom have time to rest or do their hobby.

Author have seen many of this children cry, feeling deeply concerned and unable to focus on learning especially during examination.

I felt very sorry to the children in the primary school. They have no chance to play, have enough rest and relax their mind. Their childhood is gone just like that.

Education system which is too academic achievement oriented is actually should be reshuffled. The system is unbalanced and failed to produce creative and dynamic young generations.

Depression influence the individual immune system to diseases with the probability of the patient to suffer heart disease is two to three greater compared to a normal person.

Psychologists’ researches has shown that a person who have suffered major depressive disorder have difficulties to return to their normal life or to be fully recovered. In terms of age, many think that middle age group or adults and old peoples are more often to suffer depressive illness.

However, this presumption is proven wrong. Research shown that depression disease most often attack women in age group ranging from 15 to 19 years and men from 25 to 29 years old.

Individual facing the depression problem have high tendency to commit suicide. Many female patients have the intention to commit suicide but male patients not only have the intention, but often succeeded it.

Many female patients have the intention to commit suicide but male patients not only have the intention, but often succeeded it.

Parents play an important role in saving their children from the depression disease. They should behave authoritatively in educating their children, that is to guide them openly and give opportunity to the child to voice their opinion and feeling.

Problematic familyhood and always giving pressure to the child to learn without a break should be avoided. Instead, having family life that full of love and caring and with the interest to communicate can reduce child rate from being depress.

If a child is still attacked by depression disease because of genetic factor and weak self-endurance, then they must be given medical treatment.

Through therapy such as taking antidepressant and counseling services from time to time, the patients will be able get a grip on their self. The fact is, children must be encouraged to learn through game, mixing with each others, say their opinions and live in healthy life and happy environment.

Many parents are unaware that a person with depression is very difficult to recover. They have to stop school, rest and receive hospital treatment. Continuous pressure will only add the seriousness and exacerbate the disease, simultaneously causing the tendency to commit suicide.

So, author like to call parents, teacher and all educators from various walks to look deeply. Must we change the attitude that is so stressing on academic achievement until we sacrifice the children?

Just take those positive steps to rescue the children so they are not becoming the target of depression. As the proverb says, there is no use crying crying over spilt milk. Take care.

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