The Effects of Anger on Children and Kids

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Artwork showing child finger holding a big perhaps father's finger.It is unfortunate if parent often shows their anger in front of their children. Children will learn that talking in high tone, yelling and scolding is a normal thing – that can be done to their friends. But usually your extreme anger will cause your child to feel:

  • Unconfident with themselves.
  • Afraid and feel unsafe.
  • Live uncontrollably.
  • Threatened emotion.
  • Believe on labels given by parent (if every time the parent is angry, they call their child ‘stupid’, ‘bad’, ‘fat’, ‘jinx’ or ‘useless’, in time the child will believe that they have those negative personalities).
  • Become immune to anger (including other peoples’ anger)
  • Often blame themselves each time parent is angry.
  • Will teach their children in the same way because parents are the earliest teacher for a child. Hot tempered parents will have hot tempered children. This is because the parents’ attitude who always showing their anger (usually in front of children) indirectly ‘tells’ the children that the way to express frustration or dissatisfaction is through anger. What worrying is these children will become a hot tempered individual just like their parent. So the cycle of this unhealthy lifestyle (hot tempered attitude) will repeat.

If your child often shows anger, it can signal a few things:

  • Your child have problem.
  • There are problems in your marriage.
  • The child have social and interaction problem.
  • Your child has crossed the line of feeling angry and turned into a hot tempered child.
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