What's Going On in My Baby's Brain

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Your baby is born with over 100 billion brain cells. From birth, your baby’s brain is busy building its wiring’ system. Most of her brain cells are not connected to each other. They must be organized into networks that require millions of connections, or synapses, between them.

These synapses are built as the brain receives stimulation — the more stimulation your baby’s brain receives, the more connections are made. Starting off at one quarter the size of an adult brain, your baby’s brain would have grown dramatically in the first 3 years by building trillions of connections between her brain cells. These connections make learning and development possible from the moment of birth.

As a parent, you have a golden opportunity to help your baby’s brain develop. A strong focus on consistent and nurturing relationships individualized attention and responding to a child’s cues during the first 3 years of life can build a strong foundation and help your child reach her fullest potential. We regard this as the Critical Period for you to get involved and help shape your baby’s developing brain.

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