Signs of Heart Disease for Diabetic People

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The most often symptom of heart attack is intense pain at the center or left side of the chest which lasted for more than 20 minutes. However, diabetes patient usually does not experience the same classical symptom.

Sometimes heart attack happens without being notice. This is called as silent heart attack because diabetes can cause disturbance or damage to the nerve.

It is undeniably hard to diagnose heart attack among diabetes patient. To help detect heart attack, non classical symptoms also need to be identified which are:

  • Pain apart from the chest (hands, neck, stomach)
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Cold sweat
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

Most of diabetes patients for the first time detected have experienced heart attack during routine health check or by coincidence when doctor’s consultation for medical problem not related to heart.

There are also who were detected when admitted to the hospital because of heart attack complication like weak heart, irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia) and very low blood pressure.

Those who have diabetes are advised to often get health check, have good control of diabetes through eating, exercising, and medicines and if the abnormal symptoms mentioned above happened, be quick to see your doctor.

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