Ways to Control Diabetes

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These are some ways to control diabetes problem. It involved changes of lifestyles and being more cautious.

Lifestyle Change

Change way of living can avoid diabetes and control sugar level in blood. Diabetic patients are advised to take precaution to avoid and control diabetes by doing few things as below.

  • Nutrition
    Foods containing carbohydrate and sugar should be reduced so that the daily calorie recruitment rate is controlled. Discuss with doctor or nutritionist a controlled diet ways.
  • Exercises
    Exercise is important to help reduce body weight and also gained the heart and lung health (cardiorespiratory). Exercise must start by gradually and with doctor’s advice.
  • Body Weight Control
    Patient who have excess bodyweight will discover the sugar level in his/her body is difficult to control. There has been patient who can stop taking diabetes drug when his/her body weight is controlled.
  • Self Examination/Check
    Diabetic patients are advise to make their own self inspection especially to their fingers and feet for signs of wound or infection because their pain sensibility is lesser. This ould enables initial treatment so the infection is not spread.

Checkups and Drug

Examination by doctor to check content of sugar in the blood must be done continuously. This enables diabetes patients are sure that their blood sugar level is controlled. It is estimated that for each 1 percent reduction rate of A1C blood test, affordable to reduce diabetes concerning problem up to 40 percent. Foot and hand care can reduce amputation cases caused by infection complication to as high as 45 to 85 percent.

Frequency of urinating could be caused by several factors:
– Uncontrolled diabetes and high blood sugar level
– Infection or dirty urine
– Kidney failure
– Urinary bladder problem either nervous system disorder or bladder problem as overactive bladder, it is proposed to visit doctor for further examination.

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