Does Drinking Much Water Daily Create Health Problem?

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When drinking up much water daily, some concerns raise that there will be side effects of drinking too much water. Some people claimed that it caused their stomach to feel bloating.

One and only one side effect can be experienced which is often going to the toilet and it is considered as a good thing. Generally we will not have problem of ‘too much water’ because the body automatically excrete excess water.

What more often to happen is lack of water or dehydration. Many did not realize that they were experiencing chronic water inadequacy. Among examples of chronic water insufficiency is you only went to the toilet for one or two times daily, feeling thirsty, dry skin and experiencing water retention problem.

Water retention which causes stomach to feel bloating or swollen looking foot are signs of lack of water, not because of too much water. We feel bloating because our body tries to retain its mineral balance. The way to overcome this problem is by drinking enough water namely around eight to ten glasses daily. You will slowly see the positive changes.

Water inadequacy causes excretion materials which need to be removed from the body to accumulate and eventually can cause health problems, for instance the formation of stones. Loosing just two percents of water can make the brain feeble, short term memory becomes blurry, hard to count and give focus when reading.

So don’t worry if you often need to go to toilet because it is among ways to increase thinking sensitiveness, especially for people who sit a lot when working.

Many researches have recommended us to take a break every one or one and a half hour. Going to the toilet can be considered as ‘a break’ which is not only good to clean the body, but able to increase our focus of thinking.

Our body looses water through:

  • Breathing (1 glass of water – 14 percents)
  • Urination (5.5 glass of water – 50 percents)
  • Perspiration (2 glass of water – 34 percents)
  • Defecation (1/2 glass of water – 2 percents)

These are the reason why health experts recommend that we drink at least eight to ten glasses or around two liters of water daily.

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