High Cholesterol Scares

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After a check at a clinic, I found that my blood cholesterol level was found in high level. Now I choose healthy food. Apart from that what are the advice for those who experience high cholesterol level in their blood?

That are what most people asked when they found their cholesterol level has breached the mark. High level of cholesterol problem is a not a disease but it gives scary complications which are the increase risk of cardiovascular and stroke disease. Excessive cholesterol will gathered and form plaque which can clog the arterial wall. As this plaque continues to pile up increasingly become thicker, the blood flow will become slower and might stopped.

For those who wish to reduce the cholesterol level, changes in lifestyle and way of eating should be done, such as:

  • Reduce weight if you are being overweight. To reduce or maintain the body weight, we have to use the excessive calories from food and reduce the intake according to required needs. This is because when the intake exceeds the energy need to be use, the excess calories would be turned into fat and results in body weight increase.
  • Exercise regularly (at least 30 minutes of moderate level of exercise, at least 5 times a week) can reduce the total cholesterol and the dangerous cholesterol (LDL), it also increase the number good cholesterol (HDL).
  • Include fruits and vegetable in daily meals (5 servings per day) is found capable of increasing HDL cholesterol.
  • Stop smoking if you are a smoker as smoking may lowers the HDL cholesterol number.
  • Improving your stress controlling method is also very proposed.

Health Foods to Lower the LDL

Since the 70s, red yeast rice is found effective to reduce the level of LDL, triglyceride and total cholesterol. However, choose red yeast rice which with the extract content have been standardized compared to that which have been not standardized, which it content is hard to be predicted.

Red yeast rice is produced from fermentation of rice by red yeast, which gives dark-red color to the rice. It contains monacolin which prevent HMG-CoA reductase enzyme activity which involved in cholesterol production in the body. In a test of 502 hyperlipidemia patients, it has been found to reduce 17 percent of the total cholesterol level. By average LDL cholesterol has reduced as much as 24.6 percent and the triglyceride serum 19.8 percent. HDL cholesterol has increased up to 12.8 percent in the treatment group.

Other than that, tocotrienol vitamin E is also found benefiting in reducing the total cholesterol level and to the heart in general.

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