The Goodness in an Apple

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An apple a day is enough to provide much goodness and reduce the cholesterol level in body. In fact an apple a day is enough to keep the doctors away.

An apple.
Apple has various nutrition such as reducing cholesterol level and the risk of heart disease.

Research on apple nutrition and its juice has confirmed that apple can increase a person health and function of heart. Apple juice which contains phytonutrients can slow down oxidation of bad cholesterol, a process that happens in heart disease development.

The fiber in apple on the other hand helps digestion process by releasing organic acid when it reacts with bacteria in the intestine.

Butyric acid content in apple is also a good source for intestine cells which can eliminate the growth of intestine cancer cells.

Apart from that, apple is also rich in fiber. Five grams of fiber in an apple is equivalent to 20 percent of fiber needed by human in his daily diet needs.

It also functions as a good fat balancer, especially for kids who like to eat instant foods.

In fact, a research done by British scientists also has proven that chewing an apple can be a remedy for toothache and tartar plaque problem that can cause damage to teeth.

Not only that, in Japan, researchers have claimed that the practice of peeling an apple can activate the frontal area of the brain which are the area that controls logical thinking, imagination and judgment.

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