Two Liters of Water Daily for Our Healthy Body

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Among the basic recommendation given by medical and diet experts is to take a lot of water; namely at least eight to 10 glasses or two liters daily in order to maintain and increase health.

However, to drink that amount of water is not easy for some people because it means that they have to frequently go to the toilet and for some groups, especially for old people, it is such a hassle  and seen as a problem or trouble.

In fact, there are people who are concern that they have certain health problems if too often urinate. At norm, the urine bladder is emptied each four hours. So to urinate six to seven times daily is normal for a healthy individual who drinks enough water.

Water and Urination

The urine bladder acts as urine storage tank and can expand to store up to 350 to 550 milliliter of urine.

We normally feel want to urinate when the urine bladder contains around 200 milliliter of urine, but its normal capacity is around 400 milliliter. What is abnormal is if you often wake up at night to urinate.

Frequent urination at daytime is a good thing because it is a natural process to get rid of toxic waste and excretion materials from the body.

Drinking at least five glasses of water daily can reduce the risk of intestinal cancer as much as 45 percents, breast cancer (79 percents) and bladder cancer (50 percents).

Though many know the importance and benefits of water, many are not willing to keep returning to the toilet. They not only drink little, but also avoid foods that contain a lot of water. Our source of water comes 47 percents from drinks, 39 percents from foods and 14 percents from metabolism process in cells.

Lacking of water can cause dehydration and worse, damage the kidney. So drink enough water and stay healthy and fresh all day long!

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