Water as Solvent and Lubricant for Healthy Body

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Splashed water with title of 'Water as Solvent and Lubricant for Healthy Body'

Water is important to dissolve by-products of metabolism such as uric acid and urea which are transported by blood to the kidneys. Enough water is needed to effectively get rid of these waste materials from the body because lack of water forces the kidney to work harder to filter toxic materials and eventually it can cause damage to this important organ.

Water also needed as lubricant for joints movements and researches has shown that drinking eight to ten glasses of water daily can reduce joint pain on around 80 percents of arthritis patients.

Water also becomes a basic main ingredient for enzymatic activities, body temperature regulation and enabling blood to deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells in body. Shortage of water will affects these processes and food nutrients may not be well distributed to entire body.

Our body comprises of 70 percents of water and if this water is clean, the cells in it are healthier and stronger. Clean water can stimulate the body defense system, cell metabolism and reduce the risk of cell abnormalities, prevent toxic materials from spreading to other cells and lowering the possibilities to get infection.

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