Clinically Proven Benefits of Probiotic

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Benefits of probiotic to health which have been proven clinically:

  • Lighten and reduce allergic reaction to lactose (milk)
    Lactase enzyme transforms lactose (in dairy product) into glucose and galactose which can be used by our body. Those who are already allergic to lactose have not enough lactase enzyme level. This mean lactose cannot be digested and absorbed, causing diarrhoea, collywobbles, stomach bloating and pain in their abdomen. Probiotic such as Laktobasilus gasseri yields lactase, therefore it can help to rise the low level enzyme therefore simultaneously reducing this allergic reaction.
  • Enhance digestion
    Balanced intestinal microflora has an obvious positive effect for digestion. It helps to control indigestibility and collywobbles after lunch.
  • Enhance minerals absorption
    Probiotic also help to increase minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus absorption within the body.
  • Produce vitamin
    Probiotics are able to produce vitamins such as vitamin C and several types vitamin B.
  • Relieve diarrhea phenomenon
    Probiotic has been proven clinically to relieve diarrhoea phenomenon and shorten the period and diarrhea frequency. Probiotic restore the microflora balance, which have been unbalanced results of some drug like antibiotic which kill all types of bacterium including good bacteria.
  • Strengthen body defense system
    Gastrointestinal system is the largest body defense organ. Its state which fights bacteria and balance system relieves the immunology pressure associated with unhealthy body system.

    It have been proven that probiotic have the anti-colonial effect onto harmful bacteria. Other positive effect is preventing toxic substance production (side-effect from body metabolism or from bad bacteria) also has been proven.

    Probiotic also found to give positive effect to a number of gastrointestinal diseases like IBS and intestines inflammation disease. Modern research shows that with orderly probiotic intake, normal cold and severe reaction could be reduced.

  • Live healthy with vitamins and minerals
    Vitamin is joint factor for hormone and enzyme mechanism, influencing the development and function of different organs, making them an important protector factor for cells.

    Mineral is the structural component for macro-molecules (hormone bone) and a part of body fluid. It is also a part of enzyme and enzymatic reaction, which act as a linker and help to transfer and release oxygen (e.g iron element in erythrocyte and muscle cell).

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