Gallstones – The Silent Stones

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Liver produces bile – a chocolate green colored liquid containing bile salt, fat liquid, cholesterol and other chemical materials.

This emulsion kept in the gall-bladder until it is required to digest fats in your small intestine. When eating, your gall bladder would contract and releases bile through sistic duct and enter ordinary bile duct.

This bile duct then will bring the bile to the top small intestine (duodenum) where there it will first break fats in your food.

However, if your bile is chemically imbalanced, then they will crystallize, turns into hard particles and become gallstone.

This process will take a few years. The gallstone size can be as small as a grain or as large as golf ball which is round and smooth or with no certain form or rough surface. You may have one or hundreds of gall stone inside your body.

Like most people who suffered gallstone, you might have it without being aware of it because it can occur without any symptom that require any medical treatment.

If you are an elderly woman and overweight, the risk to suffer the gall stones disease is fairly high.

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