Effects of Anger on Health

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Although anger is a characteristic which must be have by a person, uncontrollable anger can bring more loss than goodness.

Anger can cause several psychological and physiological effects. In an anger situation, voice change and muscle become tight; then can give effects toward health such as:

  • Increase of blood pressure
  • Heart problems – When angry, heart pumps faster. If the heart already has problems, a person can easily experience heart attack.
  • Skin problems such as pimples (because of body reaction on stress).
  • Digestion problems – causing gastric, ulcer and constipation. Normally we lost our appetite when angry, though we are hungry. This increases the acid content inside stomach which causes gastric or ulcer.
  • Sexual dysfunction.
  • Sleep problem – either hard to fall asleep or dreaming the same thing repetitively.
  • Disturbance in menstrual cycle.
  • The body immune system is disturbed and weakened. Usually a hot-tempered person is easier to catch a cold.
  • Loosing control. It causes a person easy to feel dissatisfied, less confidence or has no work satisfaction.
  • Isolated – Hot-tempered person is normally hard to get friend, they will feel isolated, lonely and easier to experience depression.
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