Importance of Drinking Clean Water

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Clean water flows from pipe.Pipe water or tap water in most developed countries are classified as safe water. It means that it can be drink without needs to be boiled since it has been treated with chlorine that kills bacteria and viruses.

However, the available treatment cannot remove dissolved materials such as chemicals, for instance; insecticides, herbicides, paints or pharmaceutical drugs, including anti-depressants, heart and sex hormones.

How do these materials get into our drinking water? The earth is one closed system and water around it exists since the beginning of earth itself. In fact it is the same water that has been drunk by dinosaurs!

Our world so small and aware or not all people in the world share the same source of water. That is why we need to keep our river and all sources of water clean.

Sadly, research has shown that rivers in Asia is the most polluted in the world; containing three times more human waste and the lead level is twenty times more compared to the rivers in developed nations.

Diseases because of polluted water are easy to spread and half of the total hospital beds around the world are occupied by patients who have diseases carried by water. In ten years lately diarrhea have killed many children and the numbers has surpasses deaths because of World War II.

High nitrate content in water can cause newborn baby to suffer Blue Baby Syndrome; which reduces the ability of blood to carry oxygen. Arsenic on the other hand has been related to lung cancer disease.

Filtration and chlorination cannot remove arsenic from water. Instead, some research shows that boiling water can increase the arsenic concentration in the water.

We know that kidneys are the filtration organ of the body. Presence of foreign materials in drinking water then enter blood and filtered out by kidneys to be removed from the body.

The more foreign materials in drinking water, the more kidneys have to work to get rid of it. In time it will make this filtration organ tired and damaged.

Every five to 13 days, water inside our body is renewed. So we always have the opportunity to clean and cleanse toxic materials out by drinking clean water. Clean water can increase body resistance level and makes us feel fresher.

However, drinking clean water alone could not guarantee your level of health to improve since health depends on four factors that are food selection, drinks, exercising and spiritual and mental health. This is what is called as holistic healthcare and a person may not live happily if the four factors are unbalanced.

Government and authorities should play active roles to ensure water is always clean and unpolluted for safe drinking. The public also has to play their role to keep water clean and safe for our future generations. Clean water is everybody’s needs and responsibility.

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