Urinary Incontinence, Uncontrollable Urination or Urine Leakage Problem; A Common Women Health Problem

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Embarrassing. But, can be treated. Urinary incontinence means you’re not able to control your urination. The consequence is; your bottom and clothing is wetted.

Although this problem affects million of peoples, it is not part of natural aging or a normal thing among women caused by the process of giving birth or menopause.

Illustration showing women doing various activities.
Women of all ages have bladder
control problems.

The fact is, it is a medical-state that comes from many reasons – there are those relatively simple and there are also those are more complex. “More woman experience inability to control urinates compared to men. It’s okay if the incident happens occasionally.

“But if it affects your daily life, please do not be shy and ashamed to get treatment. This problem by majority is curable. Do not make age as a reason,” said the midwifery expert and gynaecologist, University of Science Malaysia Hospital, Associate Prof. Dr. Shah Reza Johan Noor.

According to him, lots of women experience urine leakage at certain times. The situations which make them possibly unable to control their urinate are:

  • When doing physical activities like exercising
  • Certain stress as excessive cough or struggling
  • Environments such as when hearing the murmur of flowing water and also when being in touch with water.
  • During pregnancy
  • There are also those who could not hold once feeling like to urinate.

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