Drinking Water to Reduce Bodyweight

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For people who want to reduce their bodyweight, drinking a lot of plain water is one of the best ways to do it. Water is the important element to help increase the body metabolism and speed up the fat removal process. To remain healthy and energetic, each day a person need to drink at least eight to ten glass of water daily.

A glass of orange juice
Healthy drink such as orange juice can boost weight loss.

The problem is many peoples are confused between the signal of ‘hungry’ or ‘thirsty’. This confusion causes some people to find foods each time this signal is received by their brain.

The consequence is their bodyweight increases without aware. This problem is more apparent among old people because their sense of taste has become less sensitive. No wonder that many old people experience water inadequacy problem in their body.

For people who experience this confusion, the best way is to drink water each time they feel hungry. Research has shown that a glass of plain water can relieve hunger during midnight and the good news is, water does not contain calorie. So excess energy issue which eventually kept as fat does not arise.

To give faster effect, diet experts recommend drinking each time before eating. Water causes us to feel full faster and this indirectly can avoid us from eating too much.

However, don’t try not eating because our body is very clever. If deprive of food, it will lower its metabolism level to save energy burning.

Unfortunately, low metabolism is hard to be raised again. It will stay for a long period of time and do not increase although the eating habit returns to usual. The result is, the unburned energy from foods is stored as fat and at the end will make us to be fatter. Photo credit: wikipedia.com

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