Exercising at Home – Working Out at Home is Easy

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A women doing stomach crunch.
No time to workout? Just do it at home.

It’s in our culture to constantly have open houses, tea parties and gathering with a wonderful spread of local delight that’s sure to temp even the strongest willed. So make sure you take out the time to get some exercise because the battle of the bulge begins at home, from moderation and wise food choices to following an exercise regimen, it all adds up. Being busy or on a tight budget means that you will probably not have access to a gym, but this does not mean you can’t do a self styled workout at home. Here are some basic, easy to do, exercises that will go a long way towards helping you stay fit all year round.

Start your workout by spending a good 15 minutes stretching. Concentrate on the muscle groups that will be used on that day’s workout regimen. For example, stretch your legs if you are going to walk and jog that day.

A good 45 minutes walk can be highly effective not only physically but also mentally as with strolling in a garden or on the bench. This does wonders for those are really stressed out. Remember that the body only starts burning fat after 20 minutes, so take a normal or moderate brisk walk for the first 20 minutes then increase your pace or jog for the rest.

The toning and firming of your muscles is also very important and without some free weights, push-ups are the next best thing. Ideally if you are fit you should be able to manage a couple of hundred if not try 3 sets of ten push-ups each. Remember to space yourself out reasonably and to start by going up as much as you can manage with at least some exertion.

Everyone knows what these are so don’t pretend you do not know it. And yes we all hate doing these but face it everything comes with a hidden price even that blueberry cheesecake you paid for during your mid-journey stopover. Lie flat with your legs arching and knees vertical, press you upper back forward. A burning sensation in the abs means you’re doing it right, breath in as you press and release as you go back. This should ease the burning sensation.

Jane Fonda followers need no explanation while those of us less attuned to fitness just grab a VCD on basic aerobics. These are so easy to follow that even the kids can do it. Touching toes, jumping jacks tummy twists need little further explanation.

Although you are on holiday make sure you set aside a good hour and a half to keep in shape. Also remember to go beyond what you can easily do and to take your self to the limit (but not beyond). Without exerting yourself to a reasonable extent you can hardly expect to make a difference. As the saying goes, no pain no gain. So make sure you pack an appropriate outfit and your running shoes.

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