Important Facts on Antibiotic

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Antibiotic Does Not Kill Virus

A number of pills.

We know that antibiotic is often given to kill bacteria that cause disease. But you need to know that antibiotic is ineffective to kill virus.

Uncontrolled use of antibiotic now has caused many bacteria to become resistant to various antibiotics. The result? Most antibiotic produced could not kill disease-causing bacteria or it become less effective in fighting diseases.

There are two types of bacteria, first the non disease-causing bacteria (apathogenic) that does not cause disease, and the disease-causing bacteria (pathogenic). Physiologically, our body does have certain bacteria. These bacteria help to equalize the environment inside our body so that our body can function at its maximal level. When the number of pathogenic bacteria or apathogenic bacteria increases, it will create imbalance condition inside our body. Thus, disease arises.

When you eat antibiotic medication as you are attacked by sickness caused by virus, then the medication will act on the apathogenic bacteria (good bacteria) in your body but not on the virus. The bacteria which have been attacked by the antibiotic will then mutate and evolve to fight the attack back . As a result, the bacteria become stronger and the antibiotic becomes less effective.

Nowadays, there has been diverse numbers of bacteria which are resilient to antibiotics and to create new antibiotic is not an easy work. Scientists and doctor worldwide is working hard to deal with this problem.

What you have to do as a consumer/user are:

1. Do not take antibiotic if you are attacked by illnesses caused by virus. [Common example are cold and flu. Other example please refer to your healthcare provider or your doctor.]

2. Take your given antibiotics until you finished it like your doctor recommended (the eating time, the medication amount, the way to take it).

3. Continue to take the antibiotic as advised by the doctor even you are already feel healthy.

4. Discussed about antibiotic resistance with your doctor.

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