Share Your Feelings

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An old man with beard smiling.Our feeling could change. You might feel happy, giving up, sad, angry or frustrated. When emotions cannot be controlled, it could become a problem. You then must handle the problem effectively.

Why some people hide their emotions

  • Feel ashamed.
  • Afraid that it would become a burden to others.
  • Too personal to be discuss.
  • Thought that they are matured enough and know how to overcome it.
  • Worried of other peoples reaction.
  • Thought that nobody wants to hear and understand him/her.
  • Afraid to be called weak or loser if not being able to solve his own problem.
  • Thought that it is just a small matter only.

How to handle your emotions

  • Know your feeling.
  • Express your feeling.
  • Listen opinions of others about your feeling.
  • Share your feeling with your husband/wife, family members, partner, neighbor, religious leader, club members, doctor, counselor and others.

Good Things When You Share Feeling

  • Feel relieved.
  • Reduce stress.
  • You might get to work your problems out.
  • You will realize other peoples also have their own problems.
  • You realize that there are still peoples who love and care for you.

So share your feelings. It’s good for your health.
Photo credit: Sukanto Debnath

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