The Truth About Cosmetic Surgery

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Scalpel for cosmetic surgery.Cosmetic surgery is now so popular that it has made people forget that it is still a surgery. There are risks and facts that some practitioners will not tell you. If you are considering going a cosmetic surgery, here are some thoughts:

Scarless surgery does not exist
Scars can be limited to discreet areas, but there are still scars.

Liposuction cannot get rid of cellulite
It can remove fat and improve body contour, but it may actually make cellulite worse.

You get what you pay for
Practitioners who charge less are usually less qualified or inexperienced, or the hospital may be poorly equipped. Beware of financial inducements – loans or 2 for 1 offers.

Surgery involves down time
There is no “lunchtime” surgery: healing may take a few days or one or two weeks for breast augmentation.

Be cautious of doctors who advertise
The good ones don’t need to.

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