What Do You Know About Your Cough?

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Cough is a natural defense mechanism that protects the respiratory tract from foreign materials interruption which could be smoke, dust or chemical materials. Apart from that, phlegm presence or foreign fluid that often experienced by cold or allergy sufferer can cause the person to cough. This phenomenon is a natural body reaction to remove the foreign materials from blocking the respiratory passage. Generally, there are three kinds of cough:

1. Cough with phlegm and with respiratory disruption
2. Cough without phlegm and with respiratory disruption
3. Cough without phlegm and with no respiratory disruption

Cough is categorized as useful or productive when it can remove foreign materials as phlegm and mucous secretion which blocks or disrupts the respiratory passage. Unproductive cough is like tuberculosis and with no expectorate. This situation will increase disruption to patient if not controlled because it will disrupt the respiratory passage. Therefore, drug used to treat cough depends heavily to the nature of cough and visible symptoms. Few types of medicine used to treat and ease coughing are expectorant, mucolytic agent and cough suppression agent.

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