Work Bad Body Odor Problem Out

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J is 37 and a chubby person. J is feeling embarrassed with himself because his body smells bad when he sweat. Can J body odor be treated?

Body odor can be contributed by either external or internal factors. For external factor usually this can be reduce by giving more emphasis on hygiene factor. Perspiration set up good spots for bacteria and fungus growth which can contribute to body odor.

Nutrition is also not less of importance. There are foods that contain certain compounds such as garlic and some cooking spices that can give impact. Consuming too much fatty or trans fatty foods not only give extra burden to the liver, but also causes sebum glands to work more and become more active and this give chances to bacteria.

Long term change can be achieved by good level of hygiene, inner body cleansing and good nutrition. Add into your daily diet probiotic which has been proven in helping digestion system and stimulate detoxification by improving intestinal movement. This is important especially among those who experience excretory problem or constipation.

Taking milk thistle and dandelion can be practiced because of its benefits to liver functions by cleaning dangerous toxins out of the body. Usage of clothing from materials that can absorb sweat and allow good air flow also can help.

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