Sarcopenia; The Loss of Muscle and It's Strength

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We know that muscle-building exercises can improve strength in most older adults, but many questions remain about muscle loss and aging.

Researchers want to know, for example, if factors other than a sedentary lifestyle contribute to muscle loss. Does age itself cause changes in the muscles of older people? Is muscle loss related to changes in hormones or nutrition? The answers to these questions may lead to ways of helping us keep our strength as we age.

Bicycle in black and white.We use the word “frailty” to describe the loss of muscle and strength often seen in older people, because it’s a word that most people are familiar with. However, a better word to use is “sarcopenia” (pronounced sar – ko – PEEN – ya).

It means not only the loss of muscle and strength but also the decreased quality of muscle tissue often seen in older adults. You are likely to hear more about sarcopenia in the future since it’s a very active area of research.

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