Emotional Stress Could Cause Hair Loss

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A lady with severe hair loss.Identify the cause before choosing appropriate hair restoration treatment to regain the ‘crown’ back

Emotional stress have been identified to be the main cause of hair loss problem compared due to excess chemical usage which is sold on the market today. Hair loss problem because of emotional stress involve almost the same average number between men or women.

Hair loss incidents related to the mental stress are frequent. About 60 percent of patients who experience hair loss were caused by stress problems such as feeling worry, not getting enough sleep and having imbalanced diet.

The emotional stress experienced is usually not in a serious level but more to problems such as family problems, depression or involving love problems. There are also patients who experiencing traumas due to horrific incident such as involved in an accident or death of a loved one.

This pressure unnoticeably motivates the individual to do strange habit such as pulling hair from the head so much so causing large part of the head becoming bald without the person being aware about it. Stress also contributes to sleeping difficulty problems and imbalanced nutrition intake which can cause hair problem.

Identifying the Real Problem

Before a person undergoes a hair treatment, a therapist usually take their background such as heredity, imbalanced hormone or extreme use of chemical first to identify what is the real problem. The patient then would be given suitable hair treatment according to the level of problem.

If the real problem is caused by mental pressure or stress, the customer must first undergo a counseling session because it is the root to the treatment’s success. If the real problem is not overcome, the hair loss will always repeat itself although that we can give the hair restoration treatment again.

Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Among the counsels given are to advise the customer to have healthy lifestyle, for example, doing more exercises as the sweating from the activities can calm the mind down .

Apart from exercising, intake of balanced food also plays a vital role in overcoming hair loss problem. Hence, they need to be given a guide on healthy diet such as eating more fruits and fresh vegetables.

Drinking carbonated drinks and coffee could aggravate the hair loss problem. Those drinks should be avoided and if possible the person should drink more plain water or drinks that can cool the body down such as barley, soybean or coconut water.

A person with healthy hair experience loss between 30 to 120 pieces of hair daily, but this amount is replaced again. However, problematic hair falls more than this amount and they had no follicle to replace the lost hair.

Hair Loss by Young People

Hair loss, especially among young women and men are brought by extreme usage of chemical material such as mousse, hair spray or dye. Chemical use while bleaching the hair before coloring it is also among factors contributing to weak hair structure and easy to drop.

Hair with subtler structure is easier to get damaged by hair curling activity and hair straightening techniques. However, many teens ignore the impact just to look beautiful and to be in flow with current hair style. They are advised to know first their hair condition before using any chemicals or techniques to get the hair style desired.

For example, if their hair number is scanty, it is good not to curl their hair because it might worsen the condition and ruin the hair. If they want to color their hair, they have to make sure to do their hair treatment often or meet an expert quickly when their hair seems to fall too much (too much hair loss).

Healthy Hair Tips

To maintain healthy hair, practice having brilliantine more often by using natural oil such as coconut oil, apart from undergoing hair treatment regularly. Balanced diet and emotional calmness also influence shining and healthier hair.

Chance of recovery is high which is between 70 to 78 percent but this depends on the person himself. If they are diligent, the hair recovery process can happen faster, between two and a half and three month. Of more serious cases such as trauma, it may take time up to one and a half year to enable hair growth and become longer.

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