Tips for Healthy Heart Care

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Heart is one of the most important organs in our body. Without it, we are lifeless. Hence, to ensure our well-being and health of our body, proper and early attention should be given to our heart.

One thing must be reminded; our heart will continue to beat while we still alive to pump sufficient blood to the body cells. Yet because of unhealthy lifestyles, most of us are inclined to get heart attack.

As known, heart attack makes the main cause of death among the people in developed countries and developing countries. The fact is, heart attack cannot be avoided. The thing is, we should care for our heart starting from now. So how’s the way?

Heart symbol held on hands.
Your heart is in your hand.Picture by aussiegall.

Firstly, we must start good habits since childhood so the good practice will continue until adulthood soon.

There are many ways and tips given regarding on how to care for our heart.

Body weight control

Obesity often triggers other risk factors such as high level of fat, high blood pressure, diabetes and others. Therefore, excess body weight need to be reduced to a value suitable for the person’s body shape.

And generally, obesity is caused by excessive food that might be practiced since one’s childhood. The reality is, those who own excessive body weight are not active, and therefore the high calories in their foods are not used.

Then the leftover foods are converted to fats which then gathered at certain parts of body like thigh, stomach and others, and with no exception; the heart. When the fats gathered at the heart, it will disturb the heart functions.

Eating Habits

To those who want to reduce body weight, they can avoid food rich with fat such as butter, cheese, ghee and foods containing coconut milk.

The heart disease patient is advised to take just a small amount of fatty food. Foods containing cholesterol need to be avoided. This includes egg, butter, heart, brain and others. Oil usage in food preparation should also be limited. Instead, foods cooked by steam and roast are encouraged. These ways of cooking are better.

Vegetables like radish, cucumber, all types of cabbage, green leafy vegetables and fruits are good to men to ensure healthy life and well-being. Hence, it is best practice as daily foods intake.
In addition related to food, it is advised not to take alcohol. This not only would complicate the effort to reduce body weight but also cause harm to the body, particularly the liver.

Stop Smoking

Vast majority of people who got heart attack are peoples who smoke. If a person has ever to suffer heart attack, he/she must listen to doctor advice to stop smoking. This can reduce the repetition risk of the heart attack ( acute myocardial infarction ).


Exercising is the best means to look after health. Jogging, walking and cycling makes among exercise examples for those who have experience heart attack.

In brief, any form of exercise done properly is good and clearly this activity can reduce the risk of getting heart disease.

Exercising activity can help heart to distribute blood more effectively. Other than that, exercises done orderly can reduce the blood pressure.

Change of Lifestyles

Risk of getting coronary heart disease and hypertension / high-blood-pressure often connected with the practice or one’s way of life. This covers the nutrition aspect, recreation activities, smoking habit and others.

This way, if become our practice, then it must be changed. Healthy practice of living is of course could take care our body; then simultaneously cares for our heart so that our life will always be in peace.

Take care of our heart.

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