Allergic Conjunctivitis, Eye Allergies – Symptoms, Treatment and Self-management

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Allergic conjunctivitis which is not infectious is a reaction to material such as pollen. Eye will become reddish quickly to be followed with hives and tearing eyes.


  • Red eyes
  • Expansion of blood vessels (become big) in sclera.
  • Very severe eye irritation – eyes feels burning.
  • Eye tearing
  • Swollen eyelids


Best treatment is to avoid exposure towards allergen materials. Treat by pressing with cold fomentation on the eyes or taking antihistamine can relieve the discomfort sensed.


  • Sit in the house when pollen number or humidity is reported above average or during windy day.
  • Take drug that proposed by allergist / immunologist by suggested dosage.
  • Be sure window is closed while traveling.
  • Avoid from touching the eye with your hands.
  • Stop cosmetic use for the eyes and replace / disinfect your contact lens.
  • Eye poultice with cold fomentation to relieve it.
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