3 Alternative Treatments for Back Pain

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A lady holding her back because of back pain.Human spine is a precious part of our body. As a living human being, you may or may not have feel the agony of back. But this pain is getting more sufferers each day. For more and more people with back pain, alternative therapies are the way to go.

Chiropractic care, the most accepted non-surgical back therapy, is booming, with 60,000 chiropractors working in America today. Some happy customers visit their chiropractors more often than their hair stylists. Experts generally have the same opinion that the treatment, which involves manipulation of the tissues and joints of the spine, is safe for the lower back. In a evaluation of figures, a health practitioner from the Centre for Health Studies in Seattle, Dr Dan Cherkin, found that chiropractic care provides unassuming benefits equal to those of normal treatments.

Acupuncture is also popular, and even doctors say that if it makes you feel well again, go for it. Acupuncturist pushes tiny needles into patients’ skin and muscles. Acupuncture, which seems to stimulate the release of endorphins, a hormone that give a feel-good sense, has a cumulative effect. Patients describe a lasting euphoria, a nice feels whether you’ve got a lumbar problem or not.

Massage has an increasing quantity of proponents too and research shows it can help squeeze out continual pain; one study even found that patient took less medications throughout the treatment. Steven Smith, a physical therapist: at the Schuldt Performance Centre, uses massage on back-pain sufferers to relax stiff muscles and raise blood flow. It’s not an experience like you in a spa though: “You’ve got to get in there deep to break those spasms,” he says.

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