How to Quit Smoking and Not Gain Weight in the Process

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It’s one of the worst things you can put your body through – inhaling poisonous cigarette smoke and nicotine into your lungs not only gives you respiratory problems, it could also lead to lung cancer and a slow and painful death. If you’ve decided to quit, welcome to the world of the sane. But if you’re worried about gaining weight at the same time, here’s how you can kick this disgusting and unhealthy habit and not put on any extra pounds:

  • Exercise: Smoking makes you lose weight, albeit in an unhealthy way, because nicotine is an appetite suppressant and because it boosts your metabolism by burning calories. So when you quit, you may put on a little weight. But if you’re aware of this fact and take the time to exercise, at least for half an hour every day, you can avoid gaining any excess weight. Regular exercise also helps you keep your resolution to quit smoking. It gives you a natural high and is a great stress buster which keeps you from reaching for a cigarette every time you’re under emotional and mental pressure.
  • Watch what you eat: Since your body is now deprived of nicotine, you may feel surges of hunger. If you give in to them by eating food that’s fatty and rich in sugar and oil, you’re definitely going to put on weight. Keep healthy food at hand so that you don’t feel too hungry and give in to the urge to binge on food that’s not good for you. Fruits are a good option – they not only satisfy your hunger, they also provide your body with a rejuvenating effect and repair the damage caused by your years of smoking.
  • Don’t drink: Alcohol contains empty calories – it adds weight without providing any nutritious value whatsoever. Besides, most people tend to combine smoking and drinking, so when you have a drink, you may be tempted to smoke again.
  • Boost your metabolism: You can do this by becoming more active and by building your muscle mass by training with weights. When your increase your muscle mass, you boost your resting metabolism and burn more calories even when you’re sedentary.

The bottom line is this – although both smoking and obesity are both evils, the latter is preferable to the former. It’s easier to slim down and manage your weight than it is to battle cancer. So give up cigarettes today, and enjoy a healthy and long life.

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