Identifying Lupus and Lupus Treatment

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How to identify lupus and the treatment for lupus.

Identifying Lupus

Lupus is chronic inflammation caused auto immune disease and occurs when body tissues are attacked by body immune system.

Immune system is a very complex system inside the body, designed to fight disease transmission agents such as bacteria and impurities that enters into the body. However, for lupus patient, the system produced abnormal antibodies in the blood targeting own tissues inside the body.

Because of antibody and inflammation accompanying cell can involve any body tissues, lupus have the potential to affect any body area. Lupus could cause skin, lung, heart, kidney, joint or nervous system diseases.

When the attack happened on the skin, it is called lupus, but when it involves different organs, it is known as SLE.

Lupus is more inclined to attack women. It also tends to attack peoples from African-American, Chinese and Japanese origin.

Lupus Treatment

There is no permanent treatment for lupus. The target in treatment is to reduce the symptoms and protect the organ which it function has declined caused by inflammation or auto immune activities level inside the body. The medicines given usually depend on the symptoms and the affected organ.

Patients who suffer decline of inner organ need corticosteroid in high dosage. Beside that, they have to take others combination of medicines that press their immune system and for patients who experience joint problem usually they will be given nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

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